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Life is full of obstacles and challenges; it’s designed that way. Though, the biggest lesson is how you choose to overcome them.

Above & Beyond

Naranjan takes extra time and energy to ensure you are comfortable with the process and addresses concerns and doubts that may arise. Her innate nature is to see you deeply. She creates a safe place which is a unique gift she brings to the world.

As a Spiritual Intuitive, I can help you change your life by transforming the way you operate on a deeper level. While behaviours, patterns, and habits mold you into who you are today, they are all changeable and crucial signs that lead to the root—the karmic wound begging for your attention. So, if you’re ready to heal once and for all by tapping into your higher self and your soul, you’ve come to the right place.

The sessions are designed for those who want to be empowered, tap into their intuition and develop a deeper relationship with themselves. While this is a journey exposing you of your vulnerabilities, fears and inner parts of yourself, it’s an equally rewarding, freeing and empowering one that gives you more insight into who you truly are. It also helps unfold your true potential in a holistic way by connecting the mind, body and spirit, and transforming every form of energy.

I truly believe that we have the gift to not only change our current life but also heal and release our ancestral karma, thus empowering future generations with positive energy patterns.

To summarize, the reflection of all that has made you who you are today can be unravelled through the lens of love and compassion. However, this is easier said than done. My aim is to make it easy to bring forth your natural self through love and by using a few custom tools and techniques.

Each person is different and while there might be some similarities with the challenges experienced, the reason behind how they affect you is unique to you thus requiring a custom approach and solution.

Rather than just examining your behaviours, habits, and goals, I dive into your deep-rooted beliefs, your connection to the divine, and find yourself again as your soul intended.

Find support and begin your healing journey from:

      • Emotional, physical, spiritual pain

      • Hurtful and/or traumatic experiences

      • Ineffective coping mechanisms

      • Talking about and reliving old wounds

      • Seeking validation and approval from others

      • Negative emotions of all kinds

With my sessions, you’ll experience:

      • A deeper and more meaningful connection with your higher self, soul and intuition

      • Energy gifts that help you feel the abundance of love and light from intuitive abilities

      • A strong connection with the unseen energy forces on and beyond the physical realm

      • A life of purpose, fulfillment and meaning to passionately serve others

      • Holistic healing

      • Transformation in all areas of life

      • A fruitful life with more laughter, joy, peace and abundance

Be Bold & Bright program

Through this program you will:

Receive personalized guidance with essential tools and techniques to —

    • Help you connect with a higher power and your soul;
    • Recognize and resolve your challenges and obstacles;
    • Be more confident and increase your self-worth;
    • Identify and control your emotions;
    • Heal and release physical pains with spiritual guidance;
    • Be more mindful of your behaviour and actions; and
    • Build a strong foundation of life by elevating your thoughts, words, and actions.

Learn how to —

    • View your world and your life in a new light and find your own power;
    • Evolve from being a reactor in life to the creator of your life;
    • Live a well-balanced life that is spiritually in-tune;
    • Identify karmic patterns behind every aspect of your daily life and decipher connections with people in your life;
    • Build a greater connection to your energy bodies and activate and harness your unlimited potential as a light-being;
    • Find peace and calm in chaos;
      Avoid negative energy from others.

Get a clear understanding of why life experiences are lessons

Program format: 10 months journey with 30+ hours of one-on-one customized coaching

Intense Emotional Five (5) Sessions Series

A one-on-one session series can offer insight and solutions for immediate challenges that present themselves in daily life.

Get clarity, confidence and greater insight on the challenges that show up. Sleepless night and worry from situations isn’t how life is to be lived.

During these sessions, you’ll get clear and confident about how you’re affected, and can make better decisions that align in the physical, emotional and spiritual ways to make life matter:

    • Expand your awareness and consciousness through ancient teachings and philosophies and principles;
    • Develop a deep sense of compassion for others and self in the in your environment;
    • Be more confident and increase your self-worth;
    • Recognize and resolve your challenges and obstacles as others share;
    • Be present and mindful of your behaviour and actions; and
    • Build a strong foundation of life by elevating your thoughts, words, and actions.

Learn how to —

    • How your soul presented the biggest life lesson;
    • Apply tools, strategies and technique to daily life;
    • Deepened compassion for self;
    • Listen to life’s nudges that require more love and attention;
    • Find peace and calm in chaos;
    • Avoid negative energy from others.

A 5 (five) session series to uncover the  bigger life lessions that life is presenting.