What do you wonder about this winter season? The white snowfall evokes emotions, feelings and experiences, perhaps some fond memories or unsettling ones from the past. The wonder of nostalgia and yearning for the old, familiar and comfortable often keeps us stagnant and reliving moments over and over again. While the experience may look different, covered with gentle fresh fluffy snowflakes, underneath, the objects are still the same, just masked and coated with something to cover the past, the old and the pain. Even though the snowflakes offer a beautiful sparkle, bright and softness on the outside, but your inner knowing is hiding deep hurt inside; you know there’s hurt that’s to be healed.
What wonder do you have in your mind, heart, and soul that longs to be expressed? Perhaps through play, laughter, joy, and with no expectations or no judgment, you can allow and heal from the painful nostalgic past. Isn’t it time to fully embrace the bright shining light you are for a joyful and peaceful future? Are you ready to look underneath the fresh fluffy snowflakes so that you can enjoy them fully without the heavyweight of the past?