Human behaviour, doesn’t it make you laugh when you see people do things that blow your mind installing a big question mark above your head!! Whether it’s when one is intoxicated or not, the mere act of doing something out of character because your inner dialogue and filters have been removed or suppressed makes for many exciting and entertaining visuals. Since the internet age, people have become more apt to share their misadventures, silliness and maybe even crazy stories, either through video or imagery.

We all need a great laugh to either get through moments of a day or get through difficult days. We may often forget that we can make a conscious choice to add more joy to those moments. Of course, this sounds simple, yet we let the bad start of a day continue to the bitter end of the day and relish at the end of the day. I propose you to reflect on what happens to your body physically, mentally and emotionally; how does it feel when you’re in a state of sadness, changing your demeanour, posture, mood to be heavy and weighted by life. However, laugh can beg for other emotions making your cheeks hurt, and your belly ache. The tears from laughter can create a magical psychological release, forcing a change in your mood, state and beingness. The holiday season may differ from past years and conceivably change your mood and feel sad, depressed and anxious about being alone during the holidays. Simply observing the emotions you’re feeling and how it feels in your body, and what can you do to convert the feeling into a positive experience?

While we are all seeking ways to change our state of being, invite silliness, laughter, and fun on our moments. Be it a classic comedy film, recalling the memories of moments together or dancing like nobody is watching. The brain and mind are powerful machines. We have access to all such power that can drive us to a life of instant gratification of the external world and perhaps an overactive ego-self. I invite you to reflect and use the power of your brain and mind to take control of your beingness at the moment and install laughter, joy and fun into your life.

Only you are in control of your thoughts; therefore, you are more powerful than you think.