Listen to the whispers that speak through your heart from your soul. Life can position us in so much busyness that we miss the love that’s been offered so generously from your soul for you to embody and share in your world.

Our lives can get so busy that we’re constantly doing, checking off actions from lists, being pressed for time and trying to cram in more every second of the day. This can’t impact our physical body by staying in the mind and no doubt shallow breathing too leaves you consciously disconnected to the body. The mind is busy and constantly running the ‘what’s next on the to-do’ checklist, forcing you to reach for more stimulants to get through it, and then more for play.

We have all witnessed life like this, or perhaps that’s your normal now. Is there a desire, craving or yearning to step off the treadmill and constant cycle of doing, going invariably before burnout hits, once again!

If you’re reading this post, perhaps you’re halfway there, it’s in the awareness change happens. While it might be difficult to change the habit, the effort and conscious choice to install micro positive habits begins.

Whether you’re a more aware, conscious and intentional in your daily life. I believe we all need a reminder to the power of breath, how precious and powerful it really is. So, here’s a one microhabitat that might help. Take a ‘real breath’ one that’s comes from your belly in and out of your body with conscious effort, intention and mindfulness while being present aware during the inhalation and ex-halation. Yes, it may feel weird and super uncomfortable at first, yet the ease will come with practice.

Try it, you just might surprise yourself in how your body responses and speaks back to you. Share in the comments below.