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Clients have shared their successes from our coaching sessions and programs together. While it’s valueable to for me to see clients transform it’s even more rewarding for clients to identify their success in a short paragrapghs below.

“Before the Be Bold & Bright program I felt like I was going in circles, I was in need of direction, I needed to learn to appreciate myself and I desired to be validated. I was tired, worn down, sad, lost, out of control and lonely. After joining the Be Bold & Bright program I felt supported, I was given reasons behind my emotions, reactions and what triggered them so that I could understand and process them. I learned how to protect my energy so that I was not giving it away to others. By learning how to recognize triggers and move negative emotions out while putting positive ones in their place I was able to feel love for myself and felt this love growing as the weeks and months went on, so much so that it physically felt larger! If you are reading this because you need help deciding whether to join the Be Bold & Bright program or any of Naranjan’s programs, I would tell you to take the leap!!! Learn how to emotionally heal yourself as well as others, to feel what it’s like to love yourself and become whole in the process, to create clarity around what your body and your mind are really trying to tell you and then what to do with that knowledge. Naranjan’s wisdom, healing energy and intuition are paramount in the process. I would wish you luck but you won’t need it with Naranjan by your side.”  (2023)
Karen - Supervisor, British Columbia, Canada

“Throughout our time together, she helped me work through old stories that I had convinced myself to be true. She helped me to release and transform energy that wasn’t mine and helped me to see the light not only within myself, but others. She helped me (re)discover my energetic skills and opened up portals within myself that I had buried away. Through patience, kindness and gentle reframes, I have been able to reclaim my life purpose and make meaningful changes. I have new tools for how to manage and transform the energies around me, and within me. She helped me to listen to the energies, hear what they were saying, and to trust that what I was seeing/hearing/feeling was indeed real and not a figment of my imagination. And believe me, we had MANY conversations around imagination – is it real or is it just my imagination? To answer your question, yes, it’s real.

What I would say to anyone who is considering this journey….do it, you’re worth it! The world needs you and you have more strength, love and light than what you perhaps realize. That’s where Naranjan comes in. She can help and support you. Take the brave step to invest in yourself, and the planet. You are loved. You are light. You are worth it!” (2023)

Leigh - Mental Health Supervisor

“It is an invaluable investment in yourself if you are trying to elevate yourself to becoming the best version of yourself. Be patient with the journey since it is something you have to be committed to – and it does not happen overnight.” (2023)

FK - Senior Healthcare Project Manager, USA

“Working with a Spiritual Intuitive Life Coach like Naranjan has been a special experience for me! Since I have been working with Naranjan, I feel more confident and empowered in who and what I am… stepping into a place within me that I Re-member. It can be so easy to lose oneself in this collective dense energy, but I am finding MY way, through this current. Developing awareness of myself and maintaining my power and energy in my own column of Light, I can decipher what is mine and not my energy, so I can show up fully in my Life with Conscious Choice. Simply being seen beyond our life story and experiences can elevate one to a place of higher knowing, so we can pull ourselves out of the density. Practices that she offers, with grace and love, are powerful and transformational! I am so grateful for the Gratitude Journal that Naranjan has created and am excited to continue this practice throughout my life as I continue my sacred journey.” (2022)

Amber - Licensed Massage Therapist & Manual Therapist

“Before I met Naranjan, I felt lost. I didn’t know what to do or my purpose in life. I didn’t know myself or what I was capable of. Naranjan helped my find myself spiritually and I am very grateful for that. She listened to all my concerns, questions and doubts. She answered all of my questions, gave me guidance and tools that helped me understand myself and the world around me. I have more confidence in myself and now I know I am in the right path of my journey of life. I will recommend Naranjan to everyone I know. 10/10 stars.” (2022)
Vishal - Registered Nurse

“When I started working with Naranjan, I was not sure how I would kickstart my coaching practice. I was in a state of quandary in my approach and how to go about really building a coaching practice. I was also not clear in my market niche which is the typical challenge a coach goes through when they started. Naranjan helped with me with sort out the mental challenges that I was facing. Her professionalism definitely rubbed off on me and she helped me get a clear picture of what I need to do. Her spiritual approach also helped me deal with some family related issues. Time with Naranjan was well spent and for those that need a Spiritual type coach, Naranjan should be your number one choice.” (2022)

James - Certified MasterMind Executive Coach & Author

“I would say get ready to be deeply heard and seen. It was great having space held for me to talk about relationships and emotions as opposed to things related to work.” (2021)
Amer - CEO & Founder, Future Meets Present

“Working with Naranjan was truly been one of the highlights of 2020. She’s helped me ground. Into myself, my purpose, my body and more. She’s given me concrete and spiritually minded practical tools. Encouraged me to have fun, and been a support system I can count on.

I didn’t know what to expect, but this was exactly what I wanted: a place where I could talk through and work out issues at hand in a safe, spiritual environment.

I look forward to developing a further relationship with Naranjan and I encourage others to reach out and connect with her!” (2021)

Julia - Writer, Producer & Creative Storyteller

“As a business owner of two online businesses struggled as an Solopreneurs. Through one-on-one weekly calls we identified challenges created from emotional blockages that affected her success and ability to move forward in life and business.” (2020)

Heather - Freelance Writer & Blogger

“Thank you, I am so grateful!! 

I had the absolute privilege of being coached by Naranjan and I am forever grateful. Naranjan creates a safe space to share and grow. She provides insight and guidance where I may have not have been aware of or realized until she helped me see for myself. She is a source of incredible support and gentle accountability. I cannot say enough about Naranjan, she truly is a gift to us all!!

I highly recommend working with Naranjan. Thank you so much!” (2022)

Dawna - Life Coach, Quebec

“I had the most wonderful healing session with the lovely Naranjan Nota. 

Feeling safe is the most important aspect when we engage in this sessions and then we give ourselves permission to be vulnerable and talk. Naranjan made me feel so safe and comfortable to share the most heartbreaking decision I had to make once. No one knows about it except my loved ones. Her connection abilities are amazing and I truly recommend her!!! Thank you again dear Naranjan” (2021)

Jen - Certified Life Coach / Reiki Practitioner

“Naranjan instantly created a safe space that allowed me to feel completely vulnerable and not worry about judgement. Because of this, we were able to get straight to work!….” (2020)

Jen - Career Coach

“Naranjan helped me gain clarity on a situation with my business that I had been sitting on for quite some time. I was feeling as though things were completely stagnant, even though I was also aware that I had many paths to choose from.
She was able to help me see that I wasn’t really focusing my energy on anything and that is why I was feeling scattered and tired. She was able to offer me insight on my path, which in return left me feeling able to continue working toward my goals. I left feeling like I had a clearer sense of purpose which enabled me to take more actions steps.
I highly recommend working with Naranjan. Five stars!” (2021)

Tanya - Health & Life Coach

“Naranjan is an inclusion of spirituality. I haven’t worked with a spiritually focused coach before.
I would tell them to understand the process and how it differs from another coaching experience!.” (2020)

Emma - Life Coach

“Naranjan is a stellar listener and is amazing at connecting dots and drawing patterns from the words you speak, and the ones you don’t. I learned so much about myself with her and am eternally grateful for the insight she was able to help me unearth. Not only did we begin to work through some of my long standing issues (it’s going to be a journey, but I have some great tools now!), she was also able to help guide me through the beginning of the 2020 Covid Isolation. I’m not sure how I would have fared without her light, and reason. Thank you so much Naranjan!” (2019)

Carley - Makeup & Hair Artist

“She was very positive and a great listener while offering real advice and practices to help resolve issues and emotions that come up. She was great about meeting me on my communication style. I was able to reflect on the patterns and past behaviour that got in my way and how to work through and around them to be my best self and speak to myself in a more positive way.” (2020)

Andrea - School Teacher

“Naranjan is so spot-on with her observations. After our first call, she immediately pin-pointed a blank of what was doing on deep inside me. On top of her accuracy and expertise, she was genuinely caring and thoughtful. I felt like I had a safe space to deep dive with her.” (2021)

Anie - Fitness Instructor

“I have been searching for a way to document my gratitude and am so happy to have come across the Bright Shining Light – Daily Journal Practice. This keeps me present and I start and end my days in the best way! The excitement of morning affirmations and goal setting has spearheaded a movement of positivity in my life. I appreciate the accountability.” (2019)

Lauren - Human Resources Manager

“It took a lot deep diving and i was able to learn so much about myself that i didn’t know was possible. The amount of healing I have expereinced during the program and am continue to experience is one of a kind, it didn’t come easy yet absoltely rewarding.” (2019)
Andreja - Marketing & Communication Strategist

“Naranjan gives clients the safe space to open up and go to the deep root of the trauma informed behavioral patterns they are experiencing, and is able to give support in dismantling those interna and ancestral acts of oppression that subside within us” (2019)

Claudia - Actress

“I am so grateful for not only the time and energy that she gave to me and making me feel very comfortable in being able to open up and find a vulnerability in find compassion for the relationship with myself. Also for the tools she was able to offer me that I have incorporated into my daily practices for finding clarity of mind, emotional stability and perseverance to move forward in a rational manner with the situations that I deal with at hand. I would recommend working with her with anyone who’s looking to create that kind of tool belt for themselves. I cannot speak highly enough of her. Thank you for time and energy you’ve offered me.” (2019)

Caleigh - Actress & Writer