It takes courage to be bold and stand in your power. While you might not even no the difference based on the belief systems from childhood conditioning. Or it’s a conscious effort based on past experiences, realising it’s a necessary thing to stand in your own truth and power as adults. Of course, there is a fine line between allowing the ego to run your life through words, thoughts and actions, so finding discernment by actively engaging the heart and head harmoniously through observing and listening can have a profound shift in how you move through the world.

Perhaps nothing much has changed in the world of ‘doing’ and from the last 2 decades it’s aggressive as ever and meeting deadlines, reaching goals and targets. Maybe the emphases have ramped up recognising we added a few more decades to the birthdays that can force you to slow down or speed up. Regardless of the path you’re taking, it’s a choice and takes courage to change present behaviour to align with your values structure at this current phase of life.

So, where have you tapped into courage at your current stage of life? Have you ramped up the actions and goals setting or turned down the dials to slow down and be more present in the moments? What triggered such actions and decisions?

I invite you to reflect on how you’ve changed your engagement with life from the last few years or even decades? if you feel bold and courageous, please share in the comments on social media..