The fall weather sneaks in our daily life, influencing our routine and relationship with nature. As our conversation with nature may change, whether that’s being more welcoming or resisting, wanting to hold into summer.

I invite you to observe your thoughts and the relationship with them.

Are you fighting them or welcoming them as they change your state of being. The subtle yet highly disruptive behaviour of your thoughts changes the way the body functions. The blood vessels expand or contract, affecting the organs and muscles that hold on to the memory of the thought while the facia acts as a highway to communicate information back and forth to the rest of the body.

Our physical body is a conduit of energy to receive information that the conscious mind and ego fight out what will be allowed into your awareness. The body is a sponge that soaks up information without the mind being aware of what’s happening. So bringing your awareness to your physical body is crucial, feeling, sensing, and tuning into the signs of your soul on a tangible level. The subtle nudges, twitches turn into louder signs when there is a disconnect from the mind and body resulting into dis-ease, dis-harmony. This is also often shown through live relationships with the others, arguments, disagreements and conflict.

Your soul is trying to get your attention.

The bigger questions is are you listening and what are doing with the information?