Own Your ‘Light‘ Products / Services

Gift yourself and or others with an opportunity to tap into their inner light and share their magic with the world.

Are you serious about making changing in life?

Coaching is a powerful process to learn more about yourself, and develop new habits and cover challenges that may be keeping you stuck in old patterns.

By working with me you will not only improve the one area of your life you’re seeking support with, but the tools and techniques I will provide will help you go beyond the isolated issue and change a key aspect of who you are. e know that when emotional challenges present themselves, they don’t often stay in one area, it often spills over to other areas of life. To obtain a full healing, I use a process that integrates the core of your being with the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects of yourself.

I’m open to collaborations, bringing our gifts and talents together and creating a place for a community – a safe place where people feel they belong and can heal!

See Your Light – 12 Month Gratitude Journal

Naranjan believes the holistic approach in bringing the mind, body and spirit together in unison is key to living a life that’s aligned with your soul. This book takes you on a journey to deeper self-awareness of who you are and how to align with your soul in a natural, holistic way. The tangible tools and techniques empower you to bring more awareness in your daily life and influence your life in a direction that speaks to your soul.



Purchase from your local book store or through my website. Also, sign up to be part of a community of See Your Light’ers to keep you on track of living a life of gratiutude one day at a time. 

Coming Soon!

The Power of You – Self Directed Online Program

A journey to rediscover who you are and empower yourself to be someone you want to be. This five-part series takes you on a journey to observe, reflect, and transform who you are.



Colour Your Heart, Soothe Your Soul Book

Each page of the colouring book offers a space for you to breathe, relax and center into your soul so you can better manage life and be present with yourself and the rest of the world.



Guided Meditation

The never-ending to-do-list and distractions can run you into overdrive with shallow breathing and overthinking. This meditation can bring you back into balance, mind, body and spirit; calming the mind can bring more harmony to your life.



Empty Your Mind Book

There are 50 journal prompts to offer you insight into yourself and environment. The question are reflective and introspective offering an opportunity to tap into unknown knowledge and experiences.



Sacred Geometry Basics Book

Geometric shapes form the foundation of everything we perceive with our five senses. Learn more about how you can get closer to the wisdom around you and within you.



FREE Daily Gratitude Journal Book

A specific process and structure in your day can regain your own power. This unique gratitude journal will empower you to take control of your life, thoughts, words and actions.



Now, it’s your turn…

So now you have some complimentary content to start your self awareness and healing journey. Remember it’s persistence and consistency where progress is made. Be sure to book your FREE coaching session to get more insights on feeling from the root and how it can change you life for the better.