Sacred Divine Feminine
Self-Nurturing Retreats

A divine feminine gathering to fill your cup and remember you are more than the human conditioned labels. It’s time to tap into a greater power of unconditional love.

Self-Care Retreat

In honour of the whispers of the universe, Mother Earth and your higher self that’s nudging you toward your heart, The retreat is a greater calling to create a sacred space to welcome, feel, embody while letting go of the old to make way for the new.

We invite you to listen to your hearts whispers and honour the messages in union with others seeking refuge and relief from the heaviness of the world.

As women, we are often driven to give to others more than ourselves. The saying ‘you can’t give from an empty cup’ still stands true today, even though many do, resulting in resentment towards other and emotional-physical burnout. If you identify or have a similar experience, doing it alone with getting you only so far, it’s time to gather and commune with other like-minded women to feel supported and re-empowered to tap into your innate divine power.

If this resonates and feeling called to gift yourself time, energy and an opportunity to feel on a deeper level, complete the form below and we’ll be in touch.

We invite you to join us for a weekend of fun, laughter. So you can bring forward the divine goddess that hides under the mask of masculinity in the ‘doing’ world we live in.

Allow yourself to trust in the divine from a deeper part of self to embrace creativity, nurture and be in a safe place.

The journey is more fruitful with others, bring a friend, sister who you’d like to witness transformations by letting go go the old and embracing the new. 

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Sacred Divine Feminine Self-Nurturing Retreat

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