Rhea Rouw is the Owner/Founder of Yachting International Radio. Having spent her life in Media from the age of 20 she has worked both in Canada and Europe. She founded Yachting International Radio with a desire to highlight women, in two industries that are predominantly male, Media and Yachting.

Yachting International Radio is a multimedia source with 12 different platforms in which the content is delivered. There are 14 women that contribute from around the globe, highlighting mental health, the darker side of yachting including rape and sexual assault, but we also make sure to highlight the things that make it amazing and have shows such as luxury and business.

Rhea is a mother of 3 children and her desire is to make a change through providing a platform for the voices of future generations. The world will not change if those that are capable of changing it cannot be heard!

Yachting International Radio