The year is coming to a close, which often provokes one to reflect on what has happened in the past and what lies ahead. While there can be many ways to look at what happened in the last ten months, the real power is in what you can control for the remainder of 2020. Whether you concluded your reflection as a glass half empty, I invite you to look at the next two months as your glass full. What is it you desire for the next two months that will set you up for even more greatness for 2021, and what has the last few months taught you, observing your thoughts, actions and words with yourself and others?
Often when we are taken out of comfort and normalcy of life, it’s difficult, scary, confusing and frustrated, craving the same feeling that was comfortable, known and safe. While those feeling and emotions are real and valid for you, they are equally crucial for you to grow, expand and transform into someone with a different set of skills and insights that can take you in the direction of life that can empower you to connect with something great. So, again, yes, life experiences are uncomfortable, it’s suppose to be, yes it’s fearful, it’s supports to be so you will take action and step into your power and direction for a life that speaks to your soul.
Again, I invite you to reflect and be inspired for what and where you want to drive your life for the next two months and for the coming years.