Yes, it’s everywhere! It’s very prominent on the political stage right, and with many government officials who govern our world. Despite the external game of power struggle, we see externally. What power struggles are you osculating with, fighting with internally, how are the win-lose scenarios on the world stage reflecting your inner dialogue?
It may be easy to allow others’ judgment to influence your compass, while finding your actual balance is key while challenging, especially in these times. Only when you have a solid foundation built on your truth, the inner connection that is re-built on a foundation at you built, not from a foundation set by your parents, schooling, community or others. The environment in which we are raised as children into adulthood brings about conditions and systems built on others’ values with skewed expectations and intentions. When you delve deep into the depths of your moral compass, values, belief systems and unravel all everything installed with conditional love. Then you can build the foundation that’s aligned to you, your values, beliefs and unconditional love you built for yourself.
Getting to that point is definitely a courageous journey yet a necessary one if you truly want to live a life with ultimate potential, soring you into a space of true fulfillment, passion and purpose. Perhaps you recognize you’re not in that space of having a solid foundation for yourself or not truly love yourself. I invite you to book a complimentary session, so we review all the infinite possibilities await you once you build your foundation.