There’s no better time to be present and aware of your body in the middle of bitter cold temperatures. In Canada, winter has officially arrived, scoring minus double digital temperatures with more and less snow for certain regions. The cold nips at your extremities what can feel like an instant bring your awareness to the tingling and numb parts of your fingers and toes. We then rush to bring blood flow and life back into the fingers and toes with varies tactics to sooth the pain and discomfort.

Attention and awareness are key in all areas of life to move forward in a conscious and intentional state. The cold weather and bring awareness to parts of you that you may have dismissed. For example, taking a deep breath in the chilling cold air will bring attention to the hairs in your nose. Whether you continue to breathe through your nose or choose to bring in air through your mouth, the awareness is there. Also, the quick decision to do what’s necessary happens with ease.

Now, how does this relate to your emotional self? Having an uncomfortable experience that brings up hurtful feelings and emotions can trigger pain where you get to decide, stay with it or find a distraction to not let it be part of you. Just like the tiny hairs in your nose will lead to discomfort, yet breathing through it allows it to pass and your body regulates to the new temperatures. And so witnessing uncomfortable emotion is an opportunity to breathe through it and allow your body to regulate through it.

While healing emotions, pain and trauma needs a little more processing and understanding of the experiences, the breath and awareness of it in your body are the first steps of awareness. It’s time to awaken to your body senses. All parts of you can live in your beautiful body in unison and with ease.

Are you aware to notice what you notice?