The new is no longer a novelty whether it’s a new day, project, conversation thread of thoughts – the new may have lost the impact it can have on life. The new is a gift of the moments. To allow the new ones, there must be a letting go of the old.

What’s the new you’re ready to embrace in life?

Perhaps the most challenged part of embracing the new is letting go of the old, that might be tethered to painful emotions you’ve chosen not to look at for what you witness during that experience.

Whether you look at life as what can be embarked upon and relished from this beautiful thing called life or how the hurt you may have felt from and relationship with someone, place or thing that reminds you of the emotional engagement. The aftermath symptoms of no energy, loss of appetite, feeling of hopelessness, or oversleeping and eating, regardless of the symptom and whether you admit it out loud or quietly to yourself, acknowledging the experience that’s taking up precious space in your heart is keeping you from moving forward and allowing a new to embrace your beautiful life.

It’s a courageous journey to embrace the new – from a vulnerable place, that is the only place that makes having life experiences really count.

The greater gift of life recognising and pain and digging deep to heal based on your experiences and connect with something greater, bigger and more powerful than ‘a human being’. The power and direction of your souls leads your life. If you agree or not, the journey of life can come with ease and grace like a smooth boat ride or painful, like walking uphill with stones in your shoes. The choice is yours.