Mother nature has an interesting way of teaching us lessons and forces us to change in our world, inside and out. Our external environment and the seasons’ change offer a more significant way to reflect on how we navigate and move through life. Does it show up in a reflective state of where you’ve been and where you’re going?

Do you have unfulfilled desires and aspirations you’d like to have completed in the last season? What are you hoping and desiring for the current season? We are in a time for birthing that you’ve incubated through the winter months? Or, perhaps what you’ve been creating while been in lockdown for the last few months.

While nature blossoms in all her glory, that can be an inspiration for your inner world. What are the patterns and interesting aspects of you bursting to come out and show yourself to the world? It’s time to own who you are, as nature has taught us on so many levels, suppression of our innate beingness will die while you are still breathing.