Every moment passes whether we like it or not; however, what we do with those moments is vital. Whether you choose to will them away with self-talk like “is it 5:00 pm yet, I hate my job! I wish she’d stop talking about the same old problem…ugh!” do you recognize the dialogue with others or perhaps a monologue with yourself. We know that life is precious, and it may be an overused phrase that’s lost the true meaning. However, when we hear of a parishing of a loved one or someone that we know of there may be a sight moment that reminds us that life is short and precious, then we go about life on auto-pilot, living life feeling like you’ve been dealt with a lousy hand of cards filled with struggling and challenging life.

Life is a precious and courageous journey, and we know that facing the lousy hand of the card is a difficult act, while the relief of the inner work is more rewarding than holding onto the pain. 

I invite you to reflect on how you spend each moment of your day leaving behind the hours, days and years. Is it really how you want to live in these precious courageous moments called life.