Healing is like understanding ourselves better and how we connect with others. Sometimes, when we feel upset or have aches, it’s like our body is trying to tell us something important. Imagine carrying a heavy backpack full of big rocks. These rocks represent times when we felt really sad or hurt because someone was mean to us or we felt like we had to be perfect all the time.
As we grow older, these hurtful feelings stay with us, making us feel heavy and tired. The rocks are like invisible weights on our shoulders. They make us forget how light and free we used to feel. It’s like having a constant voice in our head telling us we’re not good enough and that we have to do more and more.
But what if we could let go of these heavy rocks and feel light and happy again? Imagine it’s like taking off a heavy winter coat and feeling the warm sunshine on your face. Suddenly, everything feels easier, and you can run and play without feeling weighed down.
So, would you rather keep carrying around those heavy rocks, feeling tired and sad? Or would you like to feel light and happy, like a carefree kid playing in the sunshine? It’s up to you to choose how you want to feel.
Let’s get on a quick free call to learn how I might support you in removing some of the painful rocks in your backpack.