Nature has excellent lessons to teach us more about how we can live a life of birth and death. The cycle of nature and the change of seasons is often overlooked on how it can teach us pivotal lessons on how to navigate life. The wisdom that resides in nature whispers gently and lovingly to each of us; however, the external needs and wants redirect us from source, something more significant. Our world’s hustle and bustle offer more chaos and chatter, moving us further away from our innate being and wisdom from the living planet where we reside. If you are fortunate to recognize and enjoy the beauty of what nature and the earth have to offer, it can move you into great strides, living a life of grace and ease and building your awareness outside of you.

I invite you to reflect and relish in the beauty that skims your vision when looking outside of the window. Don’t forget to look at the windows that reside to your heart; it’s truly the only one that craving your attention.