I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, laughter is the best medicine, well I truly feel it is. Laughter is genuinely a gifted emotion; we have an opportunity to engage, yes, we all have a choice in how we engage with or without feelings. The sheer thought of laughter can add a smile to your face, brightness in your eyes and perhaps an open heart reminiscing to a time of joy, lightness and maybe a feeling of freedom!
There are so many emotions we run on autopilot without even thinking, it’s when we connect with it, observe and recognize how it feels within the body when the magic begins. When we laugh, it not only creates a release on the physical body by shaking up all the organs within the body and maybe even outside the body if you’re a mover and shaker when you laugh. It also creates space in the mental body, ousting the tension from the stress of the constant to-do or managing life. Laughter is a potent gifted emotion we have, one we may not have engaged in much recently.
Did you know you can force your body into laughter, just like laughing yoga, a real treat when you’re in a heavy, serious or burdensome day. Today is a great reminder and opportunity to add more laughter in your moments, and life. It’s not new news; the world is continuing to change, and laughter can be a great tool to flow with changes rather than resist them.
What’s your biggest laughter moment that you can recall and will put you a smile on your face as your recall?