Laughter and joy have significant benefits on many levels. Of course, there are the physical benefits uplifting one’s mood, perhaps a distraction to something the opposite of laughter and joy. It also is an excellent way to reconnecting with others, rebuilding relationships and create unions. The impact of laughter and joy also impacts the physiological level boosting hormones that show themselves in physical form through how you feel and look. 

There’s another layer that might not be as logical and obvious, how it increases the energy body raising the vibration of each organ, cell, and atom that resides in the body. Then it impacts one energy level on an unseen level; however, it’s something one can often feel. The contagiousness of laugher and joy spreads and changes the state of energy to those around you, knowing or not. The gravitation pull of being drawn to someone joyful and laughing is an energetic pull, the law of the universe in place.