When we feel it, then we can believe it! I’m not sure where that saying came from, but I have integrated that to the core of my being. There is no denying when you feel something so deeply it overfills your cup and makes you feel like you’re limitless and buoyant.

Can you feel the joy in your life at this moment? If not, then try thinking of a time that paints a smile on your face, feel it, and observes the shift in your physical, emotional and mental body. Can you feel the frown or neutral shape of your lips and mouth point upwards and get higher and notice and feel the emotion? Give it a try and share what happens.
We know science has finally caught up researching how connected the body, mind and emotions genuinely are and how they reflect on how we present ourselves to the world. While many are aware of the law of attraction, what you project to the world is returned to you. Whether through a word, thoughts or an action, it’s a universal law, full stop! This is also applicable to our emotions when you feel a certain way it’s projected out, and a vibrational frequency is matched and presented to you. So, try it on for size. Can you feel a smile on your beautiful face, feel the joy throughout your body, and does that change the engagements with those around you?