The opportunity to be bold and to embody a sense of courage is more accessible now than ever before. The expansive lightness of vibrational energy comes with ease and grace to invite bold and soul driven shifts in life. So, while there might be shifts in your moments, days, or you get to witness a five-second flash of being transported to a different time and space. It’s in the recognition of these moments where you honour your soul’s direction, for the gifts agreed upon before birth and become more accessible.

The opportunity that’s presented to you today is to observe the feelings, sensations, and happenings in your body. It’s time to turn inward and ease off the outward tantalizing sensations of life’s distractions. By increasing your awareness of the nudges and messages presented by your soul, it is a subtle invitation to embrace more harmony, peace, and joy in your world.

The wisdom of the consciousness of the physical body, on a cellular level, may be blocked based on the trauma, drama, and karma brought forward as agreed before incarnation. However, allowing the messages and signs to be witnessed by an expanded version of awareness allows for expansion, growth and deep healing presented by your soul. It’s through the transformation of such experiences where magic really happens. Become more present and in-relationship with your body to feel lighter and brighter in your body and your life.

Perhaps this concept may sound strange or organic and natural to you. The invitation is to observe and record in a notebook what you notice about your body, when, where, and how sensations arise. The wisdom is in the presence of knowledge and understanding.

Curious to learn more and to take a first bold step or the next larger step forward, I encourage you to book a complimentary consult to witness a being deeply grounded, at peace and a flow of calmness.