Can you relate to these words? I am feeling…
Tired, frustrated, drained, worried, overwhelmed, time starved, guilty, ashamed of life circumstances, emotionally lifeless and stressed.

Perhaps your inner dialogue is…
I am giving to others more than to myself? Do my actions come from a place of guilt, obligation and or need to uphold a personal vow, because I have a bonded relationship with them?

Yet, I feel a sense of satisfaction, honorability, and purpose when supporting others? What’s the underlying emotional tug, pull, or push toward being there for them?

Have I given myself time, space and a vulnerable opportunity to reflect and be with myself? Perhaps I can be open to the intuitive whispers, nudges and from my soul. Is there a portion of myself I am compromising and perhaps drifting away from my self growth awareness?

So now I have presented more questions than you might have the answers to. Now’s a prime time to take a breath, take quality time for yourself, stay committed and consistent in taking care of yourself. Whether it’s going for a walk, journalling or finding sometime to still the mind. You may not be ready for the days and night of complete quietness, yet an opportunity to be present and in-tune with your body, thoughts, and heart. A perfect opportunity to realign yourself again. Are you ready to give to yourself with the same commitment you do to others?