How many times have you talked yourself out of something that will serve you, or perhaps talked yourself into something you know isn’t for your greatest good? The constant back and forth of inner dialogue can even turn into a monologue that transcends into a long road of self-criticism and negative talk. 

We’ve all done it, and it may even feel more regular than we think.  Nevertheless, when we are aware of something and can perhaps identify how it impacts our way of being in life, we can make some changes, even gentle baby steps. 

The inner dialogue that goes on in our brain can come from the conscious and the subconscious mind. The information can be translated into one’s belief systems and how the wired neurons create habits and behaviours in our waking life today. The result of the embedded neuron pathways develops actions that can be limiting or empowering while ultimately shaping our lives today.

So while there are many ways to engage and rationalize the dialogue and disconnect from the monologue, there’s ultimately a more significant reason why such talk happens in the first place. It’s all a magical opportunity to unravel the more profound insight and wisdom it holds before being able to step into a place of freedom. However,  it’s a courageous journey that’s profoundly rewarding and a necessary one for all humans. I would love to guide you to a place of freedom, free from negative self-talk and empower you to engage in a healthy, joyful and uplifting monologue. I invite you to book a complimentary session using this link.