The countdown is on as the days are ticking towards the end of an eventful year. The whirlwind of emotions that we’ve experienced from the highs of the new year of 2020 and the dark lows of social isolation has been an emotional rollercoaster. It may take some time to heal from the ride’s impact and come back into a state of balance in your emotional, physical and mental state.
While we can all function through life, it calls for the necessities of living our daily lives, cooking, cleaning, being entertained and engaged etc. By simply changing your thoughts or shifting your mindset to think about something else, the deep wounds of emotional experiences get buried in the microscopic layers of tissue of the physical body. The body keeps track of your thoughts, spoken word, and felt in the body then acted out. Because the mind is so powerful and the constant flow of thoughts keeps the mind running from one to-do list to a list of other action items to another, it all comes with a cost.
The natural sense of sight, sounds, and taste doesn’t forget. Perhaps you can recall a childhood song that brings fond memories and unpleasant ones too, or the scent of a perfume or the taste of spice on your tongue can all trigger emotional experiences. The mind has chosen not to bring the incident to the forefront because you’ve trained the mind not to do that; again, the mind is more powerful than you think. The physical body will record the sensations and experience from revealing itself. Do you remember your first love’s heartbreak to the joy of the birth of your first child?
I invite you to reflect on recording the emotions you’ve experienced this year, the highs and lows; give them space, time and honourability; they deserve to be seen, heard and felt so a healing process can begin.