As America celebrates Thanksgiving in the coming days, I feel a strong need to share with each of you how powerful the simple act of being grateful can change your life. Does it sound dramatic, absolutely! Can it really change your life, absolutely!
Being grateful for something in your life one moment at a time can not only boost your mood, but it will also enable you to make decisions from a space of abundance. Then, of course, when we manage a moment, that translates from seconds, minutes, hours and then, morning, afternoons, and evening and so on. The time spent in gratitude flows in a way that of often overlooked because it may come with such ease and grace. Then, before you know it, the days have taken care of themselves and weeks, and months are flying by, changing your life, all with the simple act of gratitude.
Does that all sound realistic, absolutely; however, there are a few parts in between that may take you on a rollercoaster ride. It’s up to you how you look at the ride, scary or excited. The greater perspective is how often can you be in the space of gratitude, feeling it genuinely in your heart and the rest of your body, how does it change your posture and interaction with others. When you can mindfully be grateful for even the smallest things in your life, you will not only see your world around you change, but the one within will transform too. The choice is yours.