There’s so much that’s happened this year on so many levels, personally and professionally, it can be overwhelming. While it might be challenging to figure out whether you’re coming or going, it’s all very daunting and draining to stay the course that’s right for you.

It can be challenging to be grateful for all that’s happening in the world right now; however, one’s response to the negative emotions can tear your life apart in just moments if you allow that to happen. To recognize you have the control to change your response and reaction to something is not only powerful to you; it can be also be motivating to others. The world is filled with judgements and opinions, creating more separation, winners and losers, and forcing you to make a choice whose team you want to be on and why. Then, you have to prove yourself to others for your choice that can take you on a path of no return, filled with negative self-talk about your actions, it’s a slippery slope.

However, when you are caught up in that place of negativity, it can impact all areas of your life, personally and professionally. Then you face the question of how to get off the slope that’s going 100 miles per hour so you can change the course of your life, even it’s only the immediate future you want to change. To have gratitude for all the greatness you have in your life. It sounds simple yet challenging to do, however, profoundly rewarding. It isn’t easy to do when you’re in the middle of being angry, nope, but we know when you are challenged with something, you work harder to make a shift? Living life in the comfort zone doesn’t expand you as a person; it keeps you small. So when you can change your attitude to gratitude, you can look from a different perspective then make a decision that’s objective rather than subjective. Changing the way you look at an experience objectively can significantly shift your life than you may expect. I invite you to try it, be grateful for the triggers in your life and then respond to the situation. I’d love to hear about your experiences.