What happens when you look into the depths of your own eyes in the mirror? What happens on a mind level, physical level and spiritual level?
Imagine having a conversation with someone with the same intention, purpose and passion. When the external physical elements are not even part of the equation, you can truly build a connection with someone on a more profound level. While over the years, our external world has taken us away from connecting with such intimacy and bond. However, by connecting with someone on a soul, energetic, purposeful and intentional way, it can transport relationships to a new platform and intensity.
Are you ready for the change?
The external world had changed, offering us greater insight and perspective on people’s outer and inner space by creating more distance. Therefore, as human beings we crave even more connection, why not connect with someone on a soul-level, eye to eye. After all, we are all energy beings and souls who have come from and will go to the same place. The eyes will never deny the emotions of your heart and soul, trust what they feel and see.