The vastness of the beingness expands all space and time. 

The journey of self-love is a long road; while you may make some pit stops and detours along the way, getting back on the road is the key. You may recognize, you’re off the road once again, and with love and kindness to self, take a deep breath and continue where you left off. The journey will be much sweeter and gentle on your soul as your awareness expands of yourself, your patterns, the various personality traits in yourself and others and the coping mechanisms you’ve put into place as a crutch to being out of your comfort zone.

It’s time to get on the road once again; each moment lost on a detour may perhaps teach us something or offer a greater experience of learning while the real fruits of your labour of love come from within, your love, your insight, and inner wisdom.

Don’t get lost on a detour; be mindful of where the road is taking you and relish each moment.