Healing from an intense emotional experience is often a painful one and yet a memorable one. The aftermath is so rewarding and freeing once you feel the calm from the energy bodies, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. The experience of something so painful can shock the system. Simultaneously, there are often nudges and whispers offering insight and opportunity to take a more in-depth look at the messages. 

According to the new research, when we get emotional, the amygdala in our brain is stimulated, and our bodies often secrete adrenaline. Somehow, these two processes work on the hippocampus, which is the centre of memory function, and our memories for that time period are sharpened.

So, while we may easily dismiss the emotional response to a situation due to the trauma of the experience, it’s crucial to resolve it from the core to heal. The embedded pathways created linked to the experience is something that takes time and persistence to create new pathways.

I nudge you to reflect and observe your personal space and feelings in everyday circumstances and ask whether you’re created new pathways or embedded the old ones deeper.