Embrace Your Light Group Program

“we all need a safe place
to land when navigating painful experiences”

A community can offer support and learning from others in a safe place can offer courage to take care of yourself.

Embrace Your Light Group Program

Naranjan takes extra time and energy to ensure you are comfortable with the process and addresses concerns and doubts that may arise. Her innate nature is to see you deeply. She creates a safe place which is a unique gift she brings to the world.

We often need a place to start when on a healing journey. While it can feel daunting to go straight into one-on-one coaching, the group coaching can offer a community and identify you’re not alone on this journey. Every experience is different, often the common pain points align, so hearing it from others can offer solace and comfort that you’re not alone.

In the community sessions, we will discuss common painful emotions that are often missed living a life on auto-pilot. However, once the awareness of what you are feeing and going through is validated by yourself and others in group, you gain power and strength able to move forward in a positive way.

I truly believe that we all have the gift to not only change our current life, but also hold compassion for others and enhance one’s self love.

The community series would include:

      • 90 minute live online monthly session for a consecutive of 5 months

      • Small and intimate community setting to maintain the privacy and connection

      • Tangible tools that will support in taking immediate action to feel more empowered

      • A safe place to be seen, heard and be part of a caring community

      • Recognize you are not going through this experiences alone

Limited time offer

      • Investment of $264. tax included CDN that’s $44 for a one time payment or $64 for monthly investment
        for 5 months

      • Session start May 2024

      • Send funds to Naranjan@BrightShiningLight.com by e-transfer to serve your seat

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to:

      • Identify the emotional trigger

      • Observe the default behaviour patterns

      • Learn tangible tools to manage experiences

      • Reclaim your emotional power

      • A life of purpose, fulfillment and meaning to passionately serve others

      • Live life experiences with more ease and flow

      • Change in all areas of life

      • Live life that brings you more laughter, joy, peace and abundance

      • Step into the rest of 2024 with more power, strength and self love

Self Love and Awareness

…dismantling those internal and ancestral acts of oppression that subside within us… – Claudia

Spiritual Healing

…I went into the program knowing it wouldn’t be easy and that was right, but what I didn’t know the kind of impact and guidance I would be getting, the kind of inner strength I would find… Andreja

Daily Life Challenges

…On a weekly basis, we discussed any issues I was dealing with and she provided practical insights and strategies that were simple and effective. I was consistently able to discuss wins each week based on the results of the homework I did… Jen

Spiritual Healing

…she was also able to help guide me through the beginning of the 2020 Covid Isolation. I’m not sure how I would have fared without her light and reason… – Carley

Meet Naranjan

Vision, Mission & Why

My Vision

To live a life of self-acceptance, unconditional self-love and a deeper sense of self-worth while being aligned with your inner wisdom.

My Mission

To embrace the bright shining light you are, live your life karma-free and operate from your own inner compassion of wisdom and truth.

My Why

To share what I know, having lived many lifetimes on earth and on other planets, and knowing all the wisdom from those incarnations are available to me, here and now, to support, lead and guide you on your soul evolutionary journey with unconditional love.

Over the last 20+ years, I have worked through doubting my decisions, feeling inferior from others, embarrassed and ashamed about who I’d become in life, impatient that life didn’t unfold as predicted by others, and worried about relationships, work and things that I couldn’t control. But it was ultimately fear that was holding me back – keeping me small and preventing me from healing and aligning with my soul. 

I truly believe I have the right amount of compassion, understanding and wisdom to support you on your journey. The fulfilment I receive when guiding others feeds my soul and gives me confirmation that this is indeed what I’m here to do. My purpose, passion and genuine desire are to re-connect you to your light, your soul and to help you be a bright shining light while on this beautiful planet.