Does everything in your world feel surreal, maybe making you feel like you’re in a bad dream? How your life has changed and can’t remember what life was like before all this happened, perhaps it’s a fond distant memory.

While others are equally tested with similar challenges in how the world is changing for a brighter and more benevolent one, is all of this really happening.

Whatever lense and perspective you look at our current world state, give yourself permission to feel, breathe and centre. Whether you’d like to dream of what life looked like for you before all this happened or you envision something completely different and more bountiful. Taking the time to come into stillness, in your physical body and breathing into who you are. With a clear intention, you might be presented with a glimpse of creativity, purpose and wisdom on how you can show up today to shine your light, brighter self.

Allow the wisdom to reveal, don’t force it, expect something specific from it, or push your own will or agenda. Be still, breathe and permit yourself to be!