As the world changes around us, it can be unsettling not knowing each moment or day’s outcome. The impact of change amplifies one’s fears on many levels, primarily professionally, as our societal culture has taught us to become one with what we do for others in the world of work. While as individuals, it might be tough to figure out who you are as selves, not wedded to your work? The constant strive to be more and do more in the external world has made it okay to be your work label fully. In contrast, that may be sufficient for many, those who are challenged the most when corporate structural changes begin to ripple throughout the business world. Nobody is immune to change and fear; even though you can tell yourself you’ve got it all together, there’s something that will test you, which is a good thing. Too often, we get comfortable and settle into a routine, what’s okay and staying within one’s boundaries. At the same time, it’s comfortable to one degree; it’s detrimental to you and your growth more than a label and title. I invite you to look at the uncertainty as an opportunity to get uncomfortable and see the world through the lens of wonder. The chance for a change and a world that could be unthinkable could perhaps be a possibility. How big can you dream, wonder and imagine a new birth of you? I would love to hear your thoughts and big vision and dreams.