For those with an excess of time and energy, the current circumstances can offer an excellent opportunity to add a playful, creative aspect to your day. As we settle into the new normal of spending more time at home than usual, finding things that will keep us engaged and motivated will keep us from being stagnant and frustrated in the confines of your home.
Whether you’re adventurous enough to try delicious new mealtime recipes or delve into a new craft like sketching, painting on a fresh white canvas, or learning a new instrument or a new language can be fun and creative ways to lose yourself for a few hours.
Allow yourself to tap into the creative side of who you are without any expectations and limitations on what the outcome is from your creative play. The right hemisphere coordinates the left side of the body with creativity and the arts, by engaging this may allow the logical and analytical part of you to rest and relax. When we tap into the creative part of who you are, it can offer a freeflow, fun and playful energy to add variety to your day. I offer you to add a different type of creative element to your day. Create something that you’ll be satisfied with by stepping out of your comfort zone.