Life often brings about circumstances that cause one to contract. The mind goes on overdrive, accelerating the fear response to and from the nervous system, and perhaps one’s thoughts become irrational. The contraction impacts the physical body extremely, where the nervous systems tighten and accelerates the blood flow to the entire body. Then it restricts the ability to tap into a balanced space to make a neutral decision. 

Of course, this happens to each of us more than we think. The behaviour patterns and feelings in our body have become so ‘normal,’ so when the response isn’t there, do you go on a hunt to find them or expand and create space? While each of us has been challenged on many levels, we know life is a continuous journey of learning, growing and correcting the path of life to how you want to live.
I ask you to observe and reflect on how your thoughts, words and action can cause you to contract and expand in your world. Life has changed for each of us and invite you to consider what areas of your life genuinely warrant the contract and expansion.