There is always an opportunity to change; whether we like it or not, whether it’s done willingly or forced, the opportunity is presented. It’s your choice whether you’d like to be in a flow of where it’s taking you, or you can resist and create tension opposing it.
Nature is one of the most significant examples of change; we can often find the magic in the seasons when it’s embraced.
Are there parts of you that have changed, can you identify areas where you’ve embraced the change or resisted it? What’s happening in relationships with friends, family or a partner, has that turned you into someone you’re not proud to be.
I genuinely believe relationships with others can spotlight parts of oneself that we might cringe at when we see it. However, we may dismiss the opportunity to correct it because of the relationship with the other person feels more significant.
Can you identify seeing a part of yourself change when you’re around certain people? Are you ready to embrace it?