Case Study A

Andreja is a young millennial, inspiring professional with an entire life ahead of her filled with big dreams and desires for her life and her beloved younger brother and parents. Her career was charged, and she eagerly worked hard for it to take flight as a first-generation Canadian with solid roots in the Albanian culture, heritage and community in Ontario and Edmonton. Her abundant life choices offered endless opportunities to achieve a different version of success, a more innovative one that her parents, peers and colleagues supported.

Even though her aspirations were filled with enthusiasm and determination, her past pain and suffering were holding her back emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually. The result of her unbalanced and resolved past continued to show itself in life, and it’s experienced as anxiety, depression, limiting beliefs of not being good enough on a diverging spectrum of self-criticism, self-judgement and self-blame, to name a few related to past experiences.

While she recognized and observed her emotional, physical, mental and spiritual unharmonized bodies, she sought support from therapists, counsellors, support groups, medical advisors. She then turned towards the energy world of meditation, mindfulness, chakra’s and astrology, eager to learn more about bringing a sense of coherence to mind and body and spirit. Andreja aligned with my progress using energy and integrating the mind, body and spirit in a holistic, practical way. As we worked together, bringing balance to the energy bodies that hold the soul’s pain and suffering shown as life lessons, it also has the wisdom to heal from the pain. Andreja worked on observing her thoughts, words and actions that ran on default based on her coping mechanisms developed to deal with the pain. Through daily gratitude journal and finding the good in her life, she recognized the deep-seated pain and suffering didn’t belong to her; it was part of an experience taking over her life. While she addressed aspects of it from past trauma, the root of the incidents was still directing her daily life quietly in the background as the subconscious mind controlling her physical, emotional, mental and spiritual self. As we worked together, I recognize how open, receptive and willing; she was to learn new concepts and ultimately connecting her higher self.

A deeper connection to her earlier wounds was revealed and placed into context related to her soul’s expression of an experience and as part of the evolution as a spiritual being and to heal from karmic experiences lived on Mother Earth. Andreja consistently practised observing her energy body, noticing how she was feeling, thinking, and doing things in her daily life that enhanced her connection with her physical body and heart. While many sessions consisted of Andreja being heard, seen, supported, and acknowledged, the session was an opportunity to be reminded about some of the core and basic principles about energy through a different lens. Supported her energetically, emotionally and physically through the immediate challenges that she faced related to her family.

Through mindfulness, healing the heart, meditation, coming back into the physical body and harmonizing with the Earth’s vibrational beat, she connected with a higher version of herself with practice. She then created space between the past wound and the higher version of herself, offering an opportunity to breathe, listen, and learn from the more profound message behind the life lesson. Only through an active, conscious and mindfulness practice of oneself can the true healing path begin, not forgetting those who karmatcially agreed to the wounded experience adding an extra layer of complexity begging you to dig deeper into your well of self love deep in your heart.

While such events are like layers of an onion, Andreja uncovered and peeled back a dense layer of the wound and, as she strengthens more self-love and compassion to her precious wounded heart for agreeing to such an experience in past lives, the resentment, anxiety and suffering related to the wound is less than before. While the wounds and scars are often deep, the healing process only works in alignment with your higher self and aspect of your soul to be gentle and careful of what can be unearthed without having the foundation of your life crumble inwards. However, when the higher self is begging for your attention to heal and wound, your life may crumble around you, forcing you to listen, affecting your life personally and professionally, as it did with Andreja. The deep wounds are revealed and brought into awareness; the healing process is not for the faint of heart, yet a courageous journey Andreja embarked on to this day.

As Andreja learned to navigate through the world of energy, light and vibration, she harnessed a skill to transform her power that was effective in her thoughts, feelings and actions to those around her while building vibrant visualization techniques for meditations. Her dedication and commitment showed her a connection with her higher self, feeling limitless, freer, light, peaceful, able to navigate a difficult conversation with ease and a sense of love that was indescribable from any relationships experienced on this physical Earth. While Andreja had many ups and downs, her awareness and understanding of the new life experiences were approached with a new perspective igniting more self-empowerment and drive and passion from self-love and awareness rather than shame, guilt and self-doubt.

At the end of our time together, Andreja learned to feel more empowered, trust her intuition, overcome limiting beliefs, and develop key skills that empower her through the challenges life presents. In addition, she has a greater understanding and awareness of the energy world and how it can have such a powerful impact on one’s life. Taking control of the thoughts, feeling, and actions every day is crucial.