Throughout life, we are continuously being told what to do and what not to do. It may begin during childhood with harmless examples of ‘eating your vegetables’ to ‘clean your room,’ yet the examples can become more severe to ‘don’t talk back to your elders’ to ‘I have dedicated my life for you, and this is how you say thank you!’. These are the critical foundational behaviours that shape you into who you are today.
As we mature, we become more aware and in control of life for ourselves to make decisions, some better than others. The underlying cause of many instilled behaviours is buried so deep, waiting for a glimpse of light to be revealed and then finally healed. But the pain presented can be so difficult for many to face; it takes courage, strength, and understanding to change and heal. The darkness that you claim, hold onto so tightly becomes an aspect of you, your personality, a trait that’s triggered often and then directed to be buried even deeper, which becomes a simmering undercurrent in the depths of your soul.
How many traits of behaviour have you claimed as ‘it’s just who I am’? or holding on to behaviours because it’s all you know right now? The change could shake your foundation of who you are, yet in the back of your mind, the darkness is rearing its head more often than not and the energy and time it takes to hold-it down are draining and unmotivating for your future.
I help you reveal and heal the darkness that resides deep in your world. I create a safe place for you to be vulnerable, so we together can shine a light on the darkness that you’ve claimed and empower you with tools physically and energetically so you can be yourself, as the universe intended.