Is there a sense of excitement as the world is opening up to meet and reconnect with family, friends, and loved ones, it may stir up more emotions than we care to admit. While the thought of reintegrating into the social world again might bring about mixed reviews, ones of anxiety, fear, or excitement, and opportunities. I ask that you be kind to yourself, listen and recognize the emotions you’re facing, and give them the attention they are seeking.  
While there is always a more significant reason why each emotion reveals itself, it’s also an opportunity to identify and recognize that you matter; you have been gifted these emotions for a higher purpose. While it’s a pivotal time to be on this planet, it’s equally crucial to be grateful for all that shows up in your world. The pockets of wisdom and guidance are real treasures of life, guiding you to your soul beingness.
Be kind, gentle and more loving with yourself as you open yourself up to the world.