Each day is not only a gift, also a learning opportunity.

Things show up in life, yet it’s up to us how we receive them. Of course, we know that the pattern of the past may repeat itself and at the moment one may resent the interaction with an element of anger, frustration to not give in and not fight it rather not waste time on the situation. This way of handling a situation may solve a temporary solution and perhaps leading to resentment towards self or others. Even if it’s a 30 second interaction, the seed of brewing victimhood is sitting in your energy, physical, emotional and spiritual.

Feeling yucky!

We are all well aware and confident to embody the power of ‘free-will’ a ‘choice’ in interactions and engagements. Ultimately, how we may operate with, in and through them, is the bigger telling if and how you’ve grown and expanding your self awareness through the repeat of pattern from others.

Perhaps, each day is an opportunity for us to reflect on how we can make this day better, more fulfilling, rewarding, and be more present than yesterday. Is that why we ‘get’ the opportunity to have another day?