As the season gets closer, it’s an opportunity to expand your awareness to the array of emotions that are so readily available during this time. The feeling of joy, excitement, and being received with love are all emotions that can be anchored in your awareness. The remembering of how they feel in the body is crucial to recall the memory so the body will follow. All emotions are recorded in the bodies, and it’s our responsibility to work through them for healthier relationship.
While it’s healing to feel such emotions, it is equally telling to witness the opposite emotions, angry, frustration, and maybe resentment toward self or others.
Emotions are a foundation of life and how we interact with them is a marker to how equipt or not we are with managing life.
If this resonates, it’s time to elevate your skills to transform the energy and relationships from the root. We can often mask and cover-up emotions with ‘I’m not talking to that person anymore…’ out of sigh doesn’t keep them out of mind. The energy associated remains in your energy body, awaiting transformation.
Are you ready to transform the relationship from the inception in which they were created? Good relationships can be better and unhealthy relationships can be good.
Are you up for the transformation?