As adults, we can often curb our actions and behaviours to be more palpable, easier to digest and less uncomfortable. Perhaps, as parents and adults, there’s a bigger driver in pushing children for greater growth, opportunities and expansion to be the best version of who they can be.
I often wonder whether it’s the trauma of our own experiences that pauses our own personal growth and expansion. Does the results of our own experiences leave us yearning for more, then living vicariously through our children or other courageous adults?
When will you give yourself permission to grow, expand and push your boundaries to heal from old wounds that may feel uncomfortable or, better yet, have some courageous conversations?
While there may be a desire to protect and shield children from pain and suffering, yet the biggest gift that can be given to your children is clearing the unseen intergenerational trauma that passed through lineage and bloodlines
The design of who we are isn’t to be timid and pleasing others at the death of our own desires, resources, and life force energy. So, what needs to happen for you to look into the mirror and have a conversation with yourself and ask, what is it you desire and what’s one action step you can take to get you there?
Are you ready to take a step for you?