What’s happening, the emotions and feelings triggered by each moment of the day can leave you perhaps, exposed, and confused all at the same time?
Have you caught yourself perplexing, whether it’s in a professional or personal situation? The distress of emotion and feeling, resulting in and action can leave you to feel uncertain and question your own life decisions. This triggers a myriad of questions and doubts related to other vital areas of your life.
Creating space in your own life, world, and mental body can center you back to you. When there is so much on the go from work, home and craving social engagement while recognizing the rules and regulations in play can build so much mental clutter making it more challenging to stand in your power, strength and wisdom to make your own decisions.
I ask that you reflect on when you feel unbalanced and confused with your mental choices, how much clutter is present in your life, mentally, emotionally, physically and even spiritually. What are you doing to clear the clutter in your own life so you can breathe and ensure your decisions are coming from a centred you?