Summer is here and ready to be relished and devoured. While it might already feel we are already in-it based on the external temperatures and environment, perhaps it’s a procurer of what’s coming for the next few months. So, how does this relate to your emotions as you move through your days?

Have you preempted an emotion before the actual events have even happened? Do you feel a sense of nervousness, anxiousness, and perhaps dread, or even happiness? How you feel in your body is a precursor to the dialogue in the mind and or what your body is picking up on from your environment. Just like you may feel the ‘buzz’ in the air for summer, BBQ gatherings, events, festivals, etc. may translate as excitement and fun.

The bigger question I nudge you to reflect is the ‘other’ emotions you may not want to address. They are a precursor to something more that’s coming into your awareness for a reason. So, honour your mind, body and soul and listen, address and clear the pain and suffering that may be resident on a cellular level. The energy and effort your body goes through in signalling to your brain through and situations can not only be tiresome, it can also be painful based on the nature of the emotion.

Yes, we are resilient beings, yet it’s through the human experience we get to witness all the highs and lows of life. I invite you to reflect on the rollercoaster of emotions you’ve witnessed connected to certain events and situations, what are you now setting yourself up for, as you anticipate future on the road ahead?