There are times and places when a situation forces us to look at experiences that show up in life. The situation triggers a little nudge, or something worthy of a comment, a second glance, or a longer pondering thought. 

However, the conscious mind is always seeking a solution to a problem. The buried and unanswered questions waiting to be identified as a problem or naked singleton finding a match. The conscious mind gets busy seeking an answer. It’s running 24/7 in the background without us even knowing of it most of the time. Actively working it’s magic, using stored information from many years ago or just a few minutes ago.

While the search is always on, I ask that you observe what’s happening and ask a few deeper questions: Who is seeking? What is being sought? Why is the solution needed? 

Asking some key questions and acknowledging the internal dialogue with yourself and other parts of you can bring greater awareness and insight to the seeker. Do you recognize the seeker and the huge role and influence it is playing in your life?