The human experience is actual and palatable on many levels, as it should be. It’s what we signed up for. So, while there are some good parts of being human, there is always an opposite in life. Nature is a brilliant teacher of this. Where there is light, there is also the dark. We get to witness the highs in laughter and depth of sadness, too. It’s a genuine gift in being a human to experience emotion, feeling and have them vibrate through the big cluster of cells called the human body.

‘Everything happens for a reason and it’s our responsibility to understand and transform the energy related to the experience.’ I believe this statement from the depth of my soul.

So, while you may judge others for their behaviours in how you’ve been treated and how they ‘made you feel!” to the unpleasant experiences whether it’s in intimate relationships from an old or new spousal relationship, business partnership, or at work and not to forget the interactions with your children.

Until we unravel the reason for the feeling and emotions we feel when brought on by others, they will continue to change shape, size, colour and form. The trend and buzzwords of ‘mindset’ is only a fraction of the equation for a solution.

Here’s a high level example: an apple tree seeds in a paper bag doesn’t equate to an apple. There are a myriad of steps in between to when you get to bite into a succulent apple. Acknowledge the hands of the farmer, the soil and nurturing process to care for the seed, water, protect and care for until the tree forms. When branches begin to buds tiny apples and then ripe with the help from the sun, then picked, packed and prepared for you to buy and enjoy. While that may be an obvious example of how an apple lands in the grocery story, it’s equally obvious to me how and why our emotional triggers experiences present themselves in life. It’s our responsibility to acknowledge the seed, soil, farmer, pickers, packers and truck driver, grocery staff and all the steps in between to truly understand the depth of the apple landing your fridge.

So, take a breath and reflect on the steps in between related to the emotional triggers. The people, situation, experience and scenarios in how the trigger was formed whether over a longer term or an instant ‘aha!’. How and where you felt it in your physical body, the thoughts it created, and words you utter to yourself. The aftermath! Yes, there’s a lot there to unpack and no, you don’t need to do it all alone, I’m here to help you – this is why I’m here! Book a complimentary session today!