Life experiences will create opportunities of abundance if we choose to look at it in that lens. While many of the experience will bring about a feeling of pain in the physical, being emotionally disconnected and out of alignment with self. When you know something is ‘off’ yet can’t define exactly what and where it’s coming from or blaming other for your experience by absorbing the energy of the experience.

I’ve said in many posts – everything is energy and energy is everything, whether it’s the tangible and physical things we can see with our naked eye and the space in between it also has a vibrational energy.

As human beings have developed, we have grown to be being alchemist, if you choose to exercise it or not. The growth and learning of human species has gifted us opportunities of expansion, yet it’s our responsibility to leverage it. We get to tap into the knowledge and wisdom learn and collected from previous lifetimes.

Can you identify experiences where you were absorbed in the experience by taking on the emotional heaviness and hurt and pain?

How did you get yourself out of that state? What’s your go to practise and process, whether it be knowingly or unconsciously?