As human beings, there is a natural rhythm we intrinsically seek to gain balance and harmony in life. While we might be accustomed in constantly doing, pulling and pushing objectives more rather than being, and allowing. The world has become a place of constant action, working and pushing towards something all the time.

The practice of allowing with ease can offer the experience of being present, reaping a richer experience and balance of emotional state of being human. One may be unawareness of beingness, as our environment has installed such a culture of ‘doing’ and driving attention outwards. The opportunity to reflect on one’s emotions and feelings is paramount in living a life of presence, and being presented a choice to expand one’s awareness of interactions with others.

Only through awareness one can make a conscious choice of experiences that naturally unfold in life. Through minimal distractions and a clear intention, one can open a door to being present with a choice of balance and harmonious experiences and honouring all those involved by being fully present.