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Naranjan Nota

What does Bright Shining Light mean?

It means that I see the light in you and will guide you to embody your own light a little brighter. While I support you every single step along the way, physically and energetically you’ll be profoundly seen, heard and held in unconditional love and compassion.


Self Love and Awareness

…dismantling those internal and ancestral acts of oppression that subside within us… – Claudia

Spiritual Healing

…I went into the program knowing it wouldn’t be easy and that was right, but what I didn’t know the kind of impact and guidance I would be getting, the kind of inner strength I would find… Andreja

Daily Life Challenges

…On a weekly basis, we discussed any issues I was dealing with and she provided practical insights and strategies that were simple and effective. I was consistently able to discuss wins each week based on the results of the homework I did… Jen

Spiritual Healing

…she was also able to help guide me through the beginning of the 2020 Covid Isolation. I’m not sure how I would have fared without her light and reason… – Carley


Do you relate these situations?

  • Have you been on a journey of self-discovery for years with the best of intentions and not getting the results you were promised or desired?
  • Have you experienced cultural and religious limitations that leave you yearning for more?
  • Did your upbringing limit your desire to be more than what you are today and live a life that doesn’t resemble that of your parents – financially, behaviourally and culturally?
  • Has your religion, culture, and traditional values limited your desire to live and speak your own truth?
  • Are you tired of bad relationships – the ones that look different at the beginning but are then faced with the same issues and challenges as before?
  • Are you craving something more meaningful and better for yourself?
  • Have you tried other methods, self-help courses, internet content, therapy, counselling, reiki or other tools and found that none of them work or even if they do, there’s something missing?


How I can help you: 

I can guide you with proven tools, techniques and processes that have benefited several clients and myself. Much of the insights I receive is based on your energy and what your soul is telling me on how best to support you. The tools I share will help you connect with your energy – your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual states.

Using mindfulness and energy as tools to help you connect with your intuition is a practice that takes time, energy and commitment to build and develop. But it is absolutely doable! All you need is courage, strength and the desire to change. The practises I coach you with will enable you to explore your subconscious mind and generate a deeper awareness of the conscious mind, it’s belief systems and behaviour patterns


Clients have benefited by:

    • Achieving a deep level of self-awareness and recognizing how to be fully present during engagements
    • Being able to protect their energy bodies when identified as an empath
    • Feeling lighter, freer and experiencing a deeper connection with mother earth
    • Healing old karmic issues passed down from family
    • Building healthy relationships with spouse and children
    • Gaining the confidence to reach for personal goals and desires
    • Attaining a deeper sense of self-worth and gaining clarity of life’s path and purpose

Meet Naranjan

Vision, Mission & Why

My Vision

To live a life of self-acceptance, unconditional self-love and a deeper sense of self-worth while being aligned with your inner wisdom.

My Mission

To embrace the bright shining light you are, live your life karma-free and operate from your own inner compassion of wisdom and truth.

My Why

To share what I know, having lived many lifetimes on earth and on other planets, and knowing all the wisdom from those incarnations are available to me, here and now, to support, lead and guide you on your soul evolutionary journey with unconditional love.

Over the last 20+ years, I have worked through doubting my decisions, feeling inferior from others, embarrassed and ashamed about who I’d become in life, impatient that life didn’t unfold as predicted by others, and worried about relationships, work and things that I couldn’t control. But it was ultimately fear that was holding me back – keeping me small and preventing me from healing and aligning with my soul. 

I truly believe I have the right amount of compassion, understanding and wisdom to support you on your journey. The fulfilment I receive when guiding others feeds my soul and gives me confirmation that this is indeed what I’m here to do. My purpose, passion and genuine desire are to re-connect you to your light, your soul and to help you be a bright shining light while on this beautiful planet.

Media / Partnerships

Public Recognition:

Naranjan has aligned in partnerships and received recognition for her coaching and life skills experience.


Noomii: The Professional Coaching Directory


PsyMood: Mental Health Support in Your Language


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